Escape & Leave
No Man Behind!

Stalag 17 challenges you to break out your two comrades and then escape from imprisonment in a WWII war camp before your opponents.


Collect Items

The game begins when each player draws two items. Will you be lucky and draw items necessary for escape or will you find items that will hinder it?

Put Your Items in Play

Put an item in play by placing it in front of you face down and draw another item. You can play items you need for the escape plan or you can bluff.



All the escape plan items are in play and you've discarded the items you don't want the guards to find in your possession. Escape!


Although being the first to break out is the goal, speed doesn’t always guarantee your victory since items you left behind in your escape can count against you in the following rounds. Stalag 17 challenges each player to come up with his or her own strategy and decide when to be aggressive, passive, or bluff. Invent your strategy and leave no man behind!